Berlin – Aug 2019

Conference History

The 5th International Conference On Opportunities And Challenges In Management, Economics And Accounting (OMEA) took place on 29-31 August 2019 in Berlin, Germany. We are so pleased to report that it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees and speakers. Described as ‘inspiring’, ‘educational’, and ‘thought-provoking’, OMEA 2019 was a truly international gathering of academics. The participants came from such countries as Greece, Libya, Portugal, France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Oman, Indonesia, UK, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Spain, Gambia, Iraq, Cameroon, and South Africa.

Learning was facilitated by an expertly designed agenda and covered such topics as strategic sourcing, sustainable supply chain practices, the relationship between product quality and brand image, accounting-based e-marketplace for SMEs, and numerous others. The scientific committee of the event made sure that every submitted abstract and paper underwent a double-blind review, which resulted in the highest quality of content presented at the event.

Hours of learning and networking were complemented by a social outing. Every attendee was invited to join a free guided tour of Berlin. The city is more than stunning architecture and cultural sights. It’s a vibrant place at the intersection of modernity and rich history.

OMEA 2024 will once again deliver superb content, limitless networking and learning opportunities, and delightful social events. We hope you will be joining us!


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