Paris – August 2022

Conference History​

Highlighted Speakers

NameAffliationArticle title
management conference Dr.Faruk SahinMuğla Sıtkı Koçman University / Fethiye Faculty of Business Administration, TurkeyCultural Intelligence, Communication Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction
management conference Prof Dr.Amoo Saheed AGBOOLADSTRYM CONCEPTS, NigeriaImpact of the socio-economic factors on investment in smsall-scale enterprises in nigeria
management conference Dr.Silas MukwaramiUniversity of South AfricaAnalysis of the relationship between social factors and water services delivery in the emerging economy
management conferenceDr.Muhammad AwaisFoundation University School of Science & Technology, PakistanCOVID-19 & Banking Sector’s Performance – A Case of Pakistan
management conference Dr.Muhammad NawazThirdEye Advisory Services, PakistanGlobal Economy: From Pandemic to Inflation to War
management conference Dr.Matwale Reon MatemaneUniversity of Pretoria, South AfricaESG performance measures for executive compensation plans: Delphi inquiry strategy and experts’ opinion
management conferenceDr.Nina WangHofstra University, USAIndividual Investors and Financial Crisis
management conference Ms.Aiste LastauskaiteKaunas University of Technology, LithuaniaDigitalization and productivity: Evidence from EU manufacturing sector
management conference Mr.Saheed Adeniyi Abdulganiyuganslaw investment nigeria limited, NigeriaEffective Corporation Image Management as A Strategy for Enhancing Profitability.
management conferenceMr.Sotir IvanovUniversity of National and World Economy, BulgariaProgress in the Use of Innovation in Risk Management. Case Study on Natural Gas and Service Sectors in Bulgaria
management conference Mrs.Theresia Hesti BwarlelingBunda Mulia University, IndonesiaLanguage Preferences from Accounting and Linguistic Perspective in Sustainability Report (Case Study on IDX ESG Leaders Companies in Indonesia)
management conferenceMrs.Dolly WanjauNorthwest Univeristy, South AfricaThe assessment of soft skills in South African Accounting Education: guidelines to produce comparable accounting graduates

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